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Bismarck, ND Fishing Guide

The State Record Walleye was caught on this stretch of river in 2021, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is broken a few more times right here in the very near future!

Spring and fall are the best times of the year with ice out averaging mid to late March. The spring run will begin right at ice-out, and remains strong into early June! For you guys looking to dust off the winter open water rust because your state is closed, look no further!  You will have a chance at a fish of a lifetime right around the city limits of Bismarck!  We’re a local Bismarck, ND fishing guide, who travels from the tailrace by Lake Sakakawea, all the way to the south end by Hazelton.

The Missouri River is no place to mess around however with lots of obstacles in the road such as sandbars, logs, rocks, and other debris.  This is where my 40 plus years of fishing this system helps me read and stay on top of things on this constantly changing Missouri river system.

The fish will begin to taper off and head back down into Lake Oahe as the spawn ends and the water temps begin to rise.  Expect these toothy critters to start showing back up near town (Bismarck, ND) in late September.  Lures of choice are mostly jigs tipped with minnows or plastic in the spring and fall.  Pitching shallow sandbars is my favorite tactic in early spring with vertical jigging in the fall.  Let me tell you this is so addictive!

Good numbers of fish are caught with a chance at a trophy walleye especially early spring.  Coming to fish with me on the Missouri River near Bismarck also gives you an opportunity to take in Bismarck’s other attractions.  Hawk Tree Golf course and the States Capital just to name a couple.

Honest Missouri River in North Dakota Fishing Reports

Missouri River Fishing Report-May 23rd, 2021

Just when I thought there was little chance at a really big walleye, boom goes the thump on a jig and presto! 33 inch monster Missouri River Walleye. The one thing this last of a string of big post spawn walleyes has taught me, is never count a big fish in the system...

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Missouri River Fishing Report- May 16th, 2021

Things on the river remain pretty solid! Lots of fish to be caught, and many of them really like being caught right now on a jig and minnow. Scary part for me at the moment, is I feel the walleyes are moving fast. Extremely fast downstream. Upstream is good,...

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Missouri River Fishing Report- May 9th, 2021

Old news is good news. The big fish are still lingering around the river hear near Bismarck, and that's a great thing! Especially if you have kids. This is the absolute perfect time to introduce a kid to fishing. I still have the remainder of May that I will be...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-May 2nd, 2021

Another Big Muddy Walleye tournament has come and gone. Congrats to the winners Jacob Miller, Jordan Binstock and Mike Binstock! They found some really nice fish to win it with a tad over 37 pounds for 6 fish.As usual the tournament showed what the Missouri River Near...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-April 25th, 2021

Times are a changing and it looks like the weather is gonna change also speeding up the change even more. As I talked about in the last report, the fish are spawning and lots of things are about to change or are changing as we speak as we get closer to the end of the...

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