Lake Sakakawea Fishing Guide

Lake Sakakawea Fishing Guide

Lake Sakakawea is 178 miles long with an average 6 miles wide of big walleye producing potential!

I grew up fishing this massive reservoir and my love for it has only gotten stronger.  With over 30 years of experience on this lake, it still remains exciting and mysterious.

The Big Lake was famed in the early 80’s as a whopper producer with many fish over 8 pounds caught.  It’s on its way back to the “Good old Days” and with new rules in place with the Army Corp of Engineers, the lake will remain in good shape for many years to come.

This massive body of water is loaded with smelt, in walleye terms, Prime Rib!  These walleyes are feasting heavily on this forage, and they are growing fast.  The best part of fishing Lake Sakakawea is all the different ways you can try and catch them.  Pitching jigs shallow is an angler’s favorite for the early portion of the season.  Once the water warms up a little, guys will start chasing these golden beauties with a bottom bouncer and slow death or Lindy Rigs.

Another transition happens and deep running crankbaits and jig raps become the go-to bait!  This body of water goes super strong from ice-out until ice up and it also does well in the winter!  Get a hold of me today and book a trip on one of the top walleye producing lakes in the country!

Honest Lake Sakakawea Fishing Reports

Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report-July 26th, 2021

Fishing on Lake Sakakawea from a guides perspective is absolutely unreal! From a tournament anglers point of view maybe not so much. What do I mean about when I say this? Well, guide fish 14" to 18" are extremely abundant and fairly easy to catch right now. We have...

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Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report- July 11th, 2021

We have had some changes in weather here in North Dakota. We actually had what we can call a cold front that also brought in much needed moisture. So what did this do to the fish this week? To be honest, not as much as a guide would use as an excuse if the fishing was...

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