Lake Oahe Fishing Guide

Lake Oahe, ND Fishing Guide

The meaning of Oahe stands for a foundation or a place to stand on.  If you ask me what Oahe means, it means lots of water, cool scenery, and tons of hungry and willing walleyes!

This system is the holding pen for the Missouri Rivers walleyes during the summer months especially.  All those fish we see every spring and fall up here near Bismarck, are only a small portion of what stack up by the millions in certain stretches of Lake Oahe.

Honestly,  at times it can feel like every walleye in the State of North Dakota is living here.  Crankbaits and bottom bouncers with spinners and slow death are the lures of choice to cover this massive flowing body of water.  Another couple of hidden gems on this portion of the Missouri River are the world-class Crappies and Northern pike!

Once you arrive at Oahe you will see the beauty of this landscape and it is simply breathtaking!  I would love to take bring you out on this spectacular body of water!


Missouri River Fishing Report-May 23rd, 2021

Just when I thought there was little chance at a really big walleye, boom goes the thump on a jig and presto! 33 inch monster Missouri River Walleye. The one thing this last of a string of big post spawn walleyes has taught me, is never count a big fish in the system...

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Missouri River Fishing Report- May 16th, 2021

Things on the river remain pretty solid! Lots of fish to be caught, and many of them really like being caught right now on a jig and minnow. Scary part for me at the moment, is I feel the walleyes are moving fast. Extremely fast downstream. Upstream is good,...

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Missouri River Fishing Report- April 19th, 2021

The spawn is on! I was hoping I would be able to tell you it was to holding off as far as the spawn is considered, I was hoping it would hold off a little longer for the spring, but we all know Mother Nature has her way, and her way is right now, so it is what it is...

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Missouri River Fishing Report- April 12th, 2021

Missouri River Fishing Report- April 12th, 2021

Busy is an understatement right now for Mike Peluso Outdoors and Guide Service. Being a full time guide, even if I do get an off day, I'm out scouting to make sure I stay on top of things. Lots of stuff is already beginning to change here on the Missouri River near...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-April 3rd, 2021

We have had every extreme in weather imaginable in the past week. Other than a foot of snow and a tornado these poor fish (and fishermen) have seen it all.Through all of this, the fishing has been relatively good here on the Missouri River Near Bismarck!Water temps...

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Missouri River Fishing Report-March 11th, 2021

Well we shifted gears and I just can't believe it's open water season. Absolutely crazy to think one week ago I was driving a truck on the ice and now I'm driving a boat on the Missouri River near Bismarck. River like always has changed of course. Like each spring it...

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