Head west young man head west! Lol I decided to venture out west of Bismarck yesterday in search of walleyes and perch. I picked Danzig Dam as my destination of choice.
Stocking reports look good and it’s a lake I spent lots of time on as a youngster. Sweetbriar, Crown Butte, Fish Creek and Danzig were all high school destinations for me. I had also been given some decent reports from this little lake so off I went.
The lake was smaller than I remembered it. Amazing how things as you get older tend to change like that. I picked an area near the dam to start in a deeper pocket. Fish were present right away! Nothing huge but action with a mix of perch and walleyes.
I decided that wasn’t good enough for me, so I began moving around looking for a better bite. The old saying goes, never leave fish to find fish, but today I was in scout mode for some upcoming guide trips I have.
I didn’t have a great day after I moved off my first spot. Of course I decided to go back to where I began. I was running out of time but managed a few more walleyes and perch. Nothing huge but probably could have had a good little meal.
The water or the lake isn’t very deep at all. The deepest I could personally find was 8 foot but my reports were fish being caught in 10 feet of water but also up along the shore and the island in 5 foot.
Lindy frosty and the Lindy glow spoon was my lure of choice. I’m headed to Sakakawea to spear, so I will report on that yet and I also am guiding a group this weekend and will report on that as well. If your interstate in an ice fishing or spear fishing trip please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me! Mikepelusooutdoors@gmail.com