I had the chance to fish Devils Lake a couple dats here in the latest rounds of hurricane force winds we have been dealing with. I will say this, that wind we hate sure activates the nicer walleyes on both Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea. In this case it was Devils.
We sure are spoiled out here in North Dakota! I’m amazed every time I get to fish Devils how good it can be. The fish are super fat this summer so far! They have plenty of freshwater shrimp in them but we are also seeing small minnows and leeches in them as well.
I can never say one tactic is better than the other or the go to tactic because it seems like whatever you like to use works on this body of water.
The fish are being caught all over the lake now also. So don’t be afraid to spread out some and venture into lower pressured areas. Again the fish are biting!
I know the summer has just started but there are dates available July and August. Also do not delay to start planning your winter ice fishing trips on Devils Lake!