Devils Lake Ice Fishing Report-Feb 18th, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

ABOUT MIKE PELUSO Mike Peluso is an infamous North Dakota fishing guide that’s well known throughout the state. Mike prides himself on being consistent, as well as versatile on any body of water he fishes. Mike guides year-round, so you can find him on the water or on the ice. Give Mike a call for your next fishing adventure!

February 19, 2021

I have to apologize for the space in between my reports here as of late. Not only did the cold snap zap the fishing up here on Devils Lake it zapped anything worth reporting.
I will say this it’s hard for me to believe that we are almost on the back side of the ice fishing season. We went from struggling to stay on good ice to extensions from what felt like over night. I know no one wants me to talk about it, but I sure hope we see at least one major snowstorm here in the Dakotas. Our systems are in need of some moisture!
So now to the nuts and bolts of this fishing report. Fishing hasn’t been the greatest. Blue collar would be a good word to describe it over the last few weeks. Really makes you appreciate the good times. Walleyes have been the most consistent for us. We have been finding some walleyes up shallow. Of course the first hour in the morning or so has been best! I anticipate the walleyes to really get going here as the weather begins to improve.
The perch or lack there of at times has been a different story for me. I’ve drilled an awful lot of holes to find limited action. You can get some of them to bite but they just have yet to move into that basin we have grown to love over the years on Devils Lake. A few are showing up but just not a mass of them yet. Again, I think it’s gonna happen here hopefully soon.
Definitely plenty of ice everywhere on the lake. I’d say average of 24 to 30 inches so make sure you have an extension on your auger!
We are slowly winding down and I’ve already started booking spring open water trips on the Missouri River near Bismarck. If this is something you would like to try please get ahold of me! and let’s book that trip! I have another guide helping me out this spring so don’t be afraid to gather up a big group and come take a shot at a true trophy walleye.

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