Ice Fishing Report North Dakota- December 19th, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

December 19, 2021

The cold snap has finally hit the north portion of North Dakota and it is allowed us to finally start venturing around.

It’s still not safe for truck traffic thickness yet, but atvs are starting to get around many of the lakes in the upper half of ND.

I still tell everyone to be careful and proceed with extreme caution. When you get these hard cold snaps like we are finally getting, you can expect major cracks and pressure ridges that can create some major issues and headaches. So just because you you were good the day before, please still take it easy.

As far as the fishing goes, I’d say overall it’s been pretty darn good! It’s no secret I’m fishing mostly up here on Devils Lake. We are just starting to venture around the main portion and eastern portions of Devils Lake. Again, using extreme caution.

The walleyes are biting best early morning and late evening. Don’t be afraid to fish up shallow along the shorelines and on the structure. Spoons, buckshots and PK rattle baits are doing well! The spoons and buckshots are best tipped with a minnow head or full minnow hooked in the back.

The perch are biting on the same smaller buck shots with minnow heads and wax worms. They are roaming around, but it seems like they are liking the 20 to 28 foot of water off the old shorelines. Like always be ready to drill lots of holes to track them down.

I have only a few dates left available for this winter yet. If you are interested, get ahold of me asap!

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