Things have straightened out here a bit the last few days on the a Missouri River here near Bismarck. Still catching a few walleyes with eggs in them, but most of the big girls have spawned.
Some of these big fish are still around. They are in what I call a healing pattern. You see em laying on the bottom on your electronics resting. Hard to get them to eat, but every now and again they take a whack at your jigs or crankbaits.
The males are starting to show up in decent numbers. You will find these active males hanging in the current or right along the current seams. The males will get aggressive here as the water continues to warm up. This is a great time to get kids or newbies out on the water for a little fishing action.
My Missouri River reports are going to slow down here a bit. I have a couple solid weeks out here yet before I will begin to shift my attention to Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea. I know some folks have had trips altered to go to Canada and stuff to fish. Now would be a great time to secure a trip with myself or the guys I work with on Devils Lake or Sakakawea.
If your looking to get out and chase these River eyes yet please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me. I’m also booking Devils and Sakakawea at this time as well! I’m taking extra cautions sanitizing everything daily and being outside on the water is about as safe as it gets during these tough times. Look for Sakakawea and Devils Lake reports to begin here soon! Until next time, let’s go fishing!