We’ve had some super interesting events of late on Devils Lake. Just when I thought maybe, just maybe, I could scoot through January without worrying about snow, boom we get a blizzard that has made moving things like fish houses and trucks around the lake more difficult.
The fishing has been really up and down. When it’s up it’s good! When it’s down it’s tough. So far not a lot of in between. I’m still waiting for those basin perch schools to bunch up together a little more. I feel it’s just a matter of time and we will see things come together. When we do get the perch fired up they are really nice! We are seeing a lot of fish on the electronics, it’s just been difficult to get them to bite.
The walleyes have been treating well! They have been more willing to bite and the average fish size has been awesome for the frying pan. They of course are relating to more structure like points, humps and roads. Rattle spoons with a minnow hooked in the back seems to be the ticket here. The perch just depends on the day. One day tungsten and spikes the next day small rattle spoons. I’ve been tearing up the bait shops looking for dynamite that looks like perch to put down there but no one is selling that lol
I also have the spear shacks set up on Sakakawea right now and guys that have rented shacks from me are doing pretty darn well! I also have shacks waiting at Devils Lake to spear.