Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report-July 2nd, 2020

Written by Mike Peluso

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July 2, 2020

Well, I figured I would hold out to send a Lake Sakakawea fishing report until right before July 4th. The 4th of July used to be the benchmark for the Van Hook Arm and the mid section of the lake. Lots have changed but a lot still remains the same.
I just posted an old video on one of my Facebook pages of a TV show I did in like 2000 on the Lake. The funny part For me is the video is crazy on point to what we are seeing on Sakakawea today. A nice mix of fish and the fish are following the wind and the water temps.
Pay super close attention to the water temps. They are fluctuating like mad with the mix of rain and run off. Normal for this time of year.
The fish are liking the slow death and crawlers. Also, do t be aforesaid to mix in a leech or minnow on a Lindy rig. Don’t get married to any one particular depth, because one day they are deep and they are shallow the next day or deep and shallow on the same day. They are moving lots so be prepared todo the same. If you land on them you’ll look pretty smart.
I anticipate the bite to really get going and continue to get better and better as the time ticks away. Some really big fish are being caught right now, with a perfect mix of eaters and other species.
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  1. Bob Erlandson

    Thank you, my brothers from Idaho are coming to fish with me up on the big lake and I could use some really good pointers to impress them. Please help me

    • Mike Peluso

      Slow death in crawlers off any main points near the bays in 12 to 22 foot of water.

  2. steve

    Can you tell me if it is decent fishing further west, like by lunds landing?

    • Mike Peluso

      I don’t get over that as very often. Sorry


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