Lake Sakakawea the last few years has been the story of head west young man head west. For some reason later this summer and now into early fall, that is not necessarily the case. This doesn’t mean you can’t catch fish out west, it just means things are a little off this season.
The fish seem to have pushed themselves further east. Maybe this has something to do with the currents and higher than normal water levels? Maybe more food has pushed to the east with all the current? Maybe it’s water temp? Maybe it’s fishing pressure? Whatever the case may be things have certainly been interesting. Fishing was and is still good on Lake Sakakawea. We have been so spoiled the last few years that I think we set our standards going into the season extremely high. I look back at the weights in the Van Hook Arm Classic and it was easy to see the lake has potential to knock your socks off when conditions are right.
So what’s the report on Sakakawea today? Some fish are being caught on Shell and Independence Point. The slides also have fish but these fish remain inconsistent. The eastern portion of the lake like 7 sisters, Mallard Island, Douglas Bay over to 5 fingers all seem to be a lot more consistent at the moment. Depths vary but we are seeing fish beginning to slide shallower. Look for fish on the humps and points anywhere from 18 to 35 foot of water. My favorite way to target these fish right now are jig raps. If the fish are around and somewhat aggressive, they will take swipe at a white colored jig rap. On calm days don’t be afraid to use a jig and minnow also. Another tactic a lot of guys do not use up there much, but we have been dabbling with it the last few falls is pulling 3 ways. Certain days it really works well!
I’m still going strong as far as guiding both Sakakawea and the Missouri River System/Lake Oahe. Not many full time guides remain right now. So if your looking to come out to North Dakota for a cast and blast email me for the casting part at or follow me on Twitter @wizwrap or on Instagram @mwalleye1343 and of course Facebook Mike Peluso Outdoors & Guide Service