Missouri River Update-April 16th, 2023

Written by Mike Peluso

April 16, 2023

With the winter we had I was hoping Mother Nature would have at least given us a little break this spring. Unfortunately she has other plans.

As I am writing this report the Knife River, Heart River and all the smaller tributaries are roaring. The Knife is the number one culprit of the muddy water.

This has the river a total mess right now. I would anticipate really muddy water for another week or more. It really all depends on the Knife.

I was hoping for a fast turnaround. Hoping it would melt fast and run itself out. We will definitely know more in a week or so.

As far as the fishing goes. I have been running north to try to get above the muddy water. We have caught sone really nice fish! Just not a bunch of them.

So far this spring it’s definitely been quality over quantity. I’m hoping these massive flows will trigger the fish to the south to finally get moving. Again, only time will tell.

As of now I’m in cancellation mode. A single day trip north is ok, but 3 days in a row for clients is a little tough. You have to have the right mentality to be able to fish 7 hours for only a couple bites.

I will continue through the spring to keep everyone updated on the Missouri River Status.

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