Devils Lake Fishing Report-September 18th, 2021

Written by Mike Peluso

September 18, 2021

The fall transition has started and the fish are starting to do the same. Expect things to be a little inconsistent for a bit.

I noticed some of the muck from the bottom floating on the surface this week while fishing Devils Lake. This typically is the indicator that the surface temp has begun to mix with the bottom temp. It’s also known as the fall turnover.

The water temps have started to drop. Usually when this happens things slow for a little while. Once it stables back out the fish will start to put the feedbag on for fall. That’s when things get really fun!

For me it’s hard to beat being anchored up on structure vertical jigging with minnows. Leadcore and crank baits are also a top producer for these fall walleyes.

This week we have had some good days and some slower days. Kinda typical with the weather changes and of course the wind. For us the jigs were king, boating nice fish all week. Some days were faster than others but overall pretty solid fishing still.

Look for the ok’d shoreline, bridges, current areas to do well from now until ice up.

Speaking of Ice Up it’s time to start thinking ice fishing on Devils Lake this winter. I’m taking bookings now and we have fishing and lodging packages available. Get ahold of me to book your trip!!

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